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Managers & Coaches 

Andy Martino - Coach

Andy holds the UEFA A Licence and FA Level 4 advanced Youth Award and have worked in the football industry for over 20 years in Southampton FC's successful youth academy. Working in grassroots and elite level, im passionate about developing players to help them achieve their goals while more importantly having fun. I am also a FA Affiliate tutor delivering coaching awards up to the UEFA B qualification. Most importantly a Leeds United Fan !


- Coach

Team Biography


Training and the match day experience is designed to allow all players to experience playing in different positions and it has enabled all the players to put into practice, all of the skills and techniques that we focus on in training. For all the players it has been a steep learning curve and every single player has risen to the challenge.


We aim to create a development environment that allows the players not only to build on their team play, but to improve the young players confidence and individual ability. Individual challenges are set to every player on numerous occasions during games and training, which are then always discussed in a positive manner - whether the challenge has been met or not.

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